A moment in time

I left home a year ago. My life has become a product of continuous frame changes. It feels like time has stopped moving and travels with the speed of light at the same time.
I have been a part of two Erasmus programs, one in Slovenia and one in Switzerland, I traveled so much I know if I would go home it would not feel like home to me now.

This essay is my goodbye and evidence I leave behind for that time.

First, I would like to ask you to embark on a journey with me to see my book of memories. It is an interactive book. Most pictures take you to another page, it is like a maze.

The interactive book was not embeddable so I linked the book here. But in case you don’t go to see it, here are some pictures from the pages.

Book of Memories

Time is relative, it feels short when it’s long and it feels like a century when it is just a second. Right now we are young and old at the same time. We are between a clueless child and a wise adult. It feels like we will never be either of them. We travel around the world just to find ourselves in the same place. Can we ever learn? I never believed in fate but maybe I was wrong. There must be a map written in the stars because I met you at the right place at the right time. It is funny and scary to know that if I had come earlier or later we would have never met. You all made me believe in fate like that. 

We become companions, travelling through time together for a while. And even if I won’t remember you in the end, I am grateful for every moment. For the laughs, the midnight talks and the painful cries. I am glad to know that this was our moment in time, and everyone I met was a different blessing, and yes some felt like a curse, but this is how it is supposed to be. Sad and happy. I don’t wanna say goodbye, but if I have to. This will be my evidence, what I leave behind. That once magically and painfully we all meet for a moment in time. 

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Although putting together the page was challenging, I’m glad I was able to complete the project. While I wasn’t able to use the analog video effects I had initially envisioned, and I tried so hard to use, I’m still proud of the final product. My original goal was to create a report film, but I realized that the footage I had wasn’t great enough yet, and time was running out. I did some programming to bring the interactive book to life, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to integrate it into the website as I had hoped. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the writing process. While I did feel a bit lost at times during the programming stage, I recognize that this is a natural part of the learning process, and I’m confident that I’ll continue to improve with practice.