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Fight Me!

So there is the small farm close by where Beni lives. Last year they had the two cutest piglets that I have ever seen. So I wanted to see what's up again, and I went by and next to incredibly fluffy and cute baby-bunnies there was this angry goose hissing at I'm just a little afraid to drop by again ;)

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Musical Puns: Herd.

I know, the original hurt is by Nine Inch Nails but Beni and I usually listen to the Jonnny Cash version of the song. I really like both versions though, but Johnny Cash with his deep breaking voice is just a touch more heartbreaking than the original. And it was kinda mean, drawing such a sad sheep...made me feel rather baahd...

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I really like my flatmate Sharon. She's that cute, geeky girl and sometimes she just says things you would never expect from such a sweet person so bluntly. We were in Rotterdam some weeks ago and she just said this lovely sentences when we were walking home to our hostel from our workshop and I just broke into laughter. I guess this is one of the reasons why we get along so well.

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A Childs Duty

Oh my...even though my mom doesn't do the baby-talk on a regular basis, it has been there. Lucky for me, I am the youngest of us three siblings and can always shove off the duty of grandchildren to my older siblings so far.

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Men, Oh Men!

My friend Antonia asked me several times, when me and Beni will ever stop being so god-damn-in-love... I guessed it was a good idea for a comic, but also how much her and Xavier and I have a quite similar taste in men, but then again not at all. It's a weird comic.

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Musical Puns: Jar Of What?

Me and my boyfriend Beni have this weird and absolutely amazing habit of singing songs all the time. And not just in a normal way, we started singing songs with puns. And with time we got a collection of punny-music. We are weird, and I love that
And my apologies to Christina Perri for demolishing her song, but it is worth it.

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Lord Of The Communication Skills

So I wanted to do this one for such a long time. And even though LotR-posts are a lbit outdated, I guess they will always be important. Everytime I watch "The Return of the King" I wonder how the whole army would know who the heck Frodo is supposed to be. "Let's fight for all good things in the world", "Let's fight for our freedom", etc. all would make so much more sense to the army than "For Frodo". And I mean, the movie doesn't lack the capacity for epic pre-fight-speeches. Nobody moves me more than Théoden speech before the battle of the pelennor. But kind of non-inspiring for people that have no idea who this person called Frodo is.

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Like Nobody Is Watching

Usually it gets way too stuffed in clubs. And of course there is no spot you can stand where people are not trying to get past you and press their sweaty bodys on you in the process of doing this. So to gain back some space just let your limbs get loose and shake it like you never did before. It's not just fun but usually also does the trick of keeping people off your general area. If that is what you want.

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Lazy Bums

There are so many people always telling me what awesome things they did on the weekend. I usually don't do much, just hanging out with Beni and watching some good movies or series. If the weather is nice we go on a walk or maybe even swimming. Sometimes I feel bad for being such a lazy bum, but then again I am happy with how it is so why would I need to be a big adventurer?