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Musical Puns: Pigeon.

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Yup, Beni and I still do the thing where we hang around our place and sing songs with silly puns. I don’t think we will ever stop doing this, because we’re both quite big music freaks, know a lot of song texts plus we enjoy making horrible puns all the time. I am sorry to drag you guys down into this abyss with us, but at least I will make a small impact on this world. Enjoy once again the facets of our weird minds. The song is by R.E.M.


If It Fits

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I think it is bad and spiteful when someone judges people just according to their looks. And most often those people could be just as easily judged. I believe everyone should just do their own thing and be proud. Shaming someone on their body is just horrible, because you should really realise, that most often the problem lies within yourself.
Especially because I have a friend who is very active and does a lot of sports, but she is just very chubby and doesn’t seem to lose weight so easily. And when people come and shame her that she should lose weight I am just disgusted because that’s just such thoughtless boreish thinking.


What A King

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All hail king Bran the broken!
I‘m actually not that mad about what the ending is, after all, it is probably the best choice of a king they had. I’m not arguing with that. The problem is, that ever since season seven GOT’s storytelling really went out of hand. There is just one badly plotted story leading up to it and so all that happens in season eight doesn’t really make any sense. And as far as I‘m concerned Bran is quite..odd. But hey...who knows.
By the way, the idea for this comic is by Beni.


June? July? Renaissance? Rococo?

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So this conversation happened a while ago. We are very weird. And I guess hey, June? July? Renaissance? Rococo? Who knows... Beni just is a pun-machine and I can‘t stop him. I guess I‘m not better than him. After all I made this comic.



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I saw this advertisement whilst walking through Zurich some weeks ago and I just wondered... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE IDEA BEHIND THIS? Why would you advertise your nail polish-job with polish on the skin of the finger. Who would think: “Wow, this is just what I wanted? Perfect!” That stuff is usually not really good for your skin, if not toxic.
At least I know that if I ever went there, I would definitely talk about how pretty crows look to each other in sunlight. That‘s just so cute!


Like A Penguin

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We were watching a documentary and when people ask me rhetorical questions I tend to imagine something silly. Like here. And I guess Beni wouldn't care to find me anyways as penguins are his absolute favorite animal. He'd probably just run around the scene and try to hug as many of them as he possibly could.



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Beni and I do have some rather weird conversations. This one started because I told him about a date I went on years ago and the guy asked me: “If you could be a bird, what kind would you be?” - which I think is a quite silly yet fun question. (For your information, I’d be a crow. Just imagine, they see ultraviolet light, so when the light shines on their black bodies they see each other all colourful. How cool is that?!)
Anyways, so Beni and I tried to think of such weird and fun questions that you could ask one another and I just popped up with the magical creature question and he straightaway answered with this. I guess this is why I do love him.


A Hairy Affair

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Yeah, I apparently change my hair quite often, so it‘s rather hard to make a comic about myself as I constantly change my look. I am just one of these people that wants to try out many different looks, also with clothes, because I never really feel like I found that ONE look that is just perfect for me. Also I don’t wanna be labeled.