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New Year, New Me

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This new year's eve Beni and I were invited over by friends of ours, also game designers. They did a new year's roleplay for the last couple of years now, and this new year's was the first time we were there too. It was so fantastic, they wrote the whole characters and setting themselves, transformed their appartment into the Orient Express and several stop-locations. Each of us had their own specific goals one had to accomplish until midnight, when all the plots and goals were revealed. For example my character was a necromancing old canadian Lady that wanted to start her own sect. So my goals were to search for people joining my sect and gathering a certain amout of objects. It was so much fun and I argued vividly with the nicest people, had weird smalltalks and sometimes just had to fall out of character to sneak a kiss or two from Beni.



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This is a rather hard thing for me to talk about and to make a comic out of. Ever since I was little I had dermatitis, mostly on my arms. It used to go away when I hit puberty, but due to menstrual problems in 2015 I started taking birth control pills. I ended doing so after six months, because my dermatitis came back and didn't go away since. I tried many things, and the only thing that is somewhat helping is being on a rather strict diet (since August 2017), that contains no sugar, whiteflour or alcohol. It took a long time to get even remotely better. I was lucky to find a doctor that didn't just prescribe cortisone, because that's just hurting your liver like hell. I am really majorly angry with most dermatologists for just prescribing it to their patients so easily. To me that's like saying "Hey, you have cancer, why don't you take arsenic? That kills cancer cells, so it works" Well it kills all cells, so of course it works. The same is with cortisone, it makes your skin look somewhat normal and helps the rash fading, but then again it fucks up your immune system and weakens your body even more. Dermatitis is a cry from your body that it isn't able to detox right so it detoxes via the skin. This is also why my dermatitis (and I guess every womans') is the strongest during their period. That's when your immune system is at its weakest. I really suffer from this sickness, mostly because it concerns my hands. It's not just holding me back with my art, but also on a daily basis with stuff like cooking, washing clothes or just taking a shower and due to my diet, I am also very affected on a social and convenience basis. Wanna go out and eat something quickly? Oh wait, you can't because they use sugar in everything. Wanna have a glass of wine with your friends on new year's eve? Nope, no alcohol for you, Miss. I am worried because I realized how absolutely horrible the food industry is concerning our health. There is mostly no reason to have that much sugar in our food and I don't really know why it is like this... probably it's the old problem called money. I hope this comic makes you fight for a healthier food industry. Oh and if you ever see somebody with some weird rash on their body, go ask them what it is and not just stare at them, it is...annoyingly devastating. I am very glad that thorough all of this Beni has always been by my side and helped me thorough my weakest of moments. He is a real hero to me and just the best man one could wish for. I hope all those of you that suffer from dermatitis know, you're not alone.


Lonely Planet

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Oh Switzerland. You and your tricky weather. Just as I was walking home one snowy winter evening, a lonely frozen puddle greeted me a little to enthusiastically. And as I have the balance of a newborn elephant I elegantly dived down to get hugged by the planet a little bit. The afthermath was a brusie that still lasts after almost three weeks and a lot of scratches. Luckily also a lot of get-well-soon hugs from Beni.


Musical Puns: Gloves.

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Even though I am not a big fan of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, it's a well known song that Beni and I start to sing out of randomness. As one might notice, randomness and puns walk hand in hand with the two of us. So once I started singing this song Beni noticed this and I had to laugh so hard, because one of THE things about Jacksons look is his single glove. Thinking about that it was never intended to be a single glove but somebody actually stole the second one and he just rolled with it would just be so awesome.



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I despise teachers for doing this. Usually, they just wanna say "You should put my subject as a priority, what you do with the others I don't really care". And when you start to prioritise on work, that is not theirs they get mad and all devastated about what a bad work-attitude you have. What they don't see is the work I put into another project that is just dearer to me and that is quite sad. They don't really see you as a whole own being, they just see you as a person that needs to have the exact same priorities and attitude to the world as they do. They hopefully know that creating clones of oneself is the start of every clichéic apocalyptic sci-fi story.


The Princess Of Conscience

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To sit down and work for school has never been as hard as it is nowadays. When I was little, I maybe had two or three series that I watched, which took me like an hour a day as they had fixed running times. Nowadays with youtube and netflix everything has changed as one has acess to so many series and all episodes at once. And sometimes a "new" series hits the stream that you just can't but bingewatch all at once, because not even your concience is willing to say no.


Noisy Neighbours

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Beni and I have the tendency to be a little noisy. I mean, we're not super loud, but I'm sure sometimes our neighbours hear us when we make weird squeaky noises and they probably ask themselves what the heck is going on. Plus Beni lives at a place where a lot of elderly people are living nearby, so we're not even sure, how much of the noise they are still able to hear. Most of the noise comes from Benis squeaky bed, where we chill on sometimes and you just can't move without it making a rather ominous sound. Even when just chilling, laughing and playing ukulele on it, it squeaks with us, probably delighted that we use it as a hang-out space.


Morning Yearning

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I usually take a hard time getting out of bed. It is cozy and warm, especially during the winter months. Also I look like a ghoul when I wake up with hairs and saliva everywhere and don't get me started on my eyebrows. Ever since I was with Beni he didn't just make me get up earlier and live with a (probably) healthier sleep-rythm, he also makes me feel like the prettiest thing on earth whilst looking like a trashbag. I'm a very confident trashbag now.


Cat Craze

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As I am a notorious child of the internet I must have a craze about cats. I mean, I do love animals in general, but cats are just those cute little fluffy proud assholes, and that's why I love them. They have temprament and are yet kind and loving and also very social. Beni likes cat's but he doesn't really care that much about them, as well as Antonia always tells me, that she prefers happy little dogs. My soulmate in cat-astrophic things is definitely Xavier, he just get's those fluffy balls filled with hatred just like I do.